A leading force in the beverage filter manufacturing industry

As a long time pioneer and leader in our industry OHKI CO., LTD. has created a wide variety of filter products filter manufacturing machines.

Never satisfied with the present condition, we are consistently striving to manufacture products
that we believe will be of true value to the customer and also the world.
This is what has helped us achieve top level status in the filter industry.

Our company aims to fulfill its role as a support agent to people in their everyday lives.
Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring market trends and news to enhance our own processes and challenge our established beliefs.




Product Information

Offering our "Made in Japan" products to over 50 countries worldwide

Our company produces teabag and coffee dripbag filters that are currently used all over the world. You can choose from many filters to find the filter that matches your objective.

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Our Companies Principles

Developing commercial manufacturing

Ever pioneering our field, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create new and exciting filters.

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Mission Statement

Accepting the challenge to pursue manufacturing that leads us to a better future

As a world renowned trustworthy filter maker, our mission is to further our contributions to society by delivering the best in product safety, resource usage, and energy conservation. With environmental conscientiousness at the forefront of our vision, our aim is to pursue manufacturing that will lead to a better tomorrow.

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Company Overview

Ever pioneering our field, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create new and exciting filters.

OHKI Co., LTD is a forward thinking company that is not beholden to typical stereotypes. Ever striving to meet the needs of society through filter manufacturing. With creativity and ingenuity, we are constantly pushing the bounds of what is possible in the world of filter manufacturing

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